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About Us

Hi! We're philandro, and our mission is to build really useful software that gets out of your way and lets you accomplish great things.

Casual and professional computer users alike often com­plain about the many annoy­ances that modern compu­ting imposes on them. We feel that most of these annoyances are caused by bad software. Insufficient re­liability, effi­ciency, and user friendliness often stand be­tween users and what they strive to accom­plish! Software must not suppress people's creativity and productivity!

We want to be different! We want to build soft­ware that is different! With our expertise in the fields of system design, operating system inter­nals, algorithm design, web- and infor­mation system development, as well as user ex­perience design, we are able to deliver what we promise.

Our Products


DeskRT is a new and innovative kind of video codec which has been specifically designed and optimized for image data from graphical user interfaces (GUIs).


AnyDesk is the world's fastest and most comfortable remote desktop application. Access all your programs, documents and files from anywhere, without having to entrust your data to a cloud service. AnyDesk is free for private use.